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Stephanie Brown’s Return and Tim’s re-inclusion into the Bat-Family


It’s a great time for Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake fans. I’m not a hardcore Stephanie fan (I like her character, but her absence from the New 52 never angered me as much as other things- AKA Cassandra’s absence) but I was pleased to hear of her return. I always felt that her presence brought out a lot in Tim’s character- he just seemed to be better written when she was around. So hearing of Stephanie’s return as Spoiler I was quite happy. Then I heard Tim was going to be a featured character in Batman: Eternal and I became even more excited.


I have not kept my thoughts a secret on the New 52 and what I feel it has done to Tim’s character, so I was extremely pleased to hear he was finally going to be featured in a Batman title, and see him interacting with Bruce, and Dick, and all of the other people in the Batfamily. The Batfamily has always been of particular interest to me, and one of my favorite sibling relationships in comics was between Dick and Tim. Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for Batman as a father (I just think it’s fascinating such a dark character that seems to surround himself with children- I love it), his relationship with Tim in particular. I’m hoping to see where exactly Tim’s place is in the family in this new universe, and I really hope he is not excluded from it (or he can be at first, but I’d like to see that change over time as part of an over aching story plot line).


James Tynion IV has had this to say about Tim:

He is going to be one of the major characters over the course of the whole year. That was always one of the goals. Tim has had a lot of great stories going on since the New 52 started, but he’s been kind of disconnected from the core Bat-family, and we wanted to show his role and all the key relationships he has with the Bat-family members, and tell a Gotham story — although it might expand out of Gotham — but a Gotham-style story featuring Tim and some other major characters in the Bat-family.  

I’m hesitantly placing my trust in the hands of Tynion. Like most of us he grew up with Tim as Robin, so he knows this character. He understands how much Robin can mean to some fans, and how passionate we are about our favorite characters. So my fingers are crossed, and I am cautiously optimistic. Tynion has said, “The Bat-family has always been my favorite characters — the Robins in particular.” So he seems to be a fan of not just the character/idea of Robin, but also the family and their relationships- that is what I’m getting from this quote, and other things I have read. This means good things hopefully.

As for Stephanie Brown I trust him, as he had this to say about her:

We also wanted to make sure we were staying true to the core of the character, and that we’d be able to tell a story that would introduce her to everyone.

Yeah. That is exactly what I want to hear, and what I think all of her fans want to hear. Now he just needs to show us the comic, and we all hope that he is true to his word.


For more read this interview with Tynion.

4 comments on “Stephanie Brown’s Return and Tim’s re-inclusion into the Bat-Family

  1. drakulus23

    I guess it’s cool that Robin’s coming back. I’m excited for it like you are. As long as I see Batman whoop some ass i’m happy :]


    • redblooms

      Actually Stephanie is returning as Spoiler. At the moment there is no Robin since Damian is dead. I have no idea who the next Robin will be or when they will come.
      I doubt Stephanie will become Robin again.
      Technically Tim should have become Batman’s partner again after Damian’s death as Res Robin but that obviously would never happen.


      • drakulus23

        Probably not. I’m totally against Tim being Robin because he actually has character. He’s my favorite Robin by far.


        • redblooms

          I don’t think you have to worry about seeing him as Robin again, at least in main continuity. Although I disagree- I would love to see him as Robin again. As Robin he would show up in more Batman books (he has made very few appearances in them, and his only title is the terrible Teen Titans) and this would give fans a chance to see him more, and develop his almost non existent character in the New 52.
          Pre New 52 Tim was cool as Red Robin. He had his own title and was in Batman often, but in the New 52 he is almost non existent (compared to before anyway) and his character has not been show much. He’s different from the Tim we knew- at least in Teen Titans. Hopefully that will be rectified soon.


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